Mandy Pope


A little bit about me...

Mandy is a native of Illinois and lived there until January of 2020 when she and her family moved to Central Ohio. She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Northwestern University and also holds a Master’s Degree from University of Chicago from the School of Social Service Administration. 

After a decade of working in the United States Federal Courts as a Pretrial Services Officer, Mandy took time off to be home with her three sons. When considering what to do when she was ready to return to work, Mandy decided to jump into the real estate field, something that had interested her for years. 

Mandy and her family have lived in six different homes in two states over the past 18 years. Throughout her life, Mandy has been in all types of homes in all types of communities and recognizes how important having a home is for all individuals, while knowing that looks different to everyone. Forever a social worker, Mandy has volunteered as a coordinator for a homeless shelter and prides herself on being a great listener and communicator.